Show up & participate

Show up for each other and publicly participate in ways that include and go beyond voting.

It’s a verb, not a noun, or a status you were born with.

To citizen is to show up and participate. It is not merely to be born within certain borders. That’s a legal definition of citizen as a noun. What we’re interested in is citizen as a verb, and the first pillar calls on us to be active in the process of self-government by assuming we have a role to play. The form of participation can vary widely. Sure it can mean extraordinary acts like running for public office. But it can also mean being informed about what’s happening in our community. It can mean listening to the voices of others.


KEY Ideas

  • “Citizen” is a verb, not a noun.
  • We can’t take our democracy for granted.
  • To keep our democracy, we need team players actually playing the game.
  • Everyone has a role to play; start where you are.
  • Let your interests guide you to broader participation in your community + country.
  • There are many ways to participate: show up, contribute.
  • When you show up: listen, show humility, be informed.
  • Attending community-based meetings.
  • Following local news and writing an op ed.
  • Becoming educated on topics of relevance to our community.
  • Getting involved in your local school district as a volunteer.
  • Joining an existing local effort around an issue you care about (sustainability, local food, transportation, public safety, education, housing, sanitation, parks and rec, etc.).
  • Phone banking or volunteering for a political campaign.

Workers’ Rights

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